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Heya, this is whirlgirl. I've finally decided to put something in this nifty little bio section that could give you some more information about me. Well, for one, I'm a huge Psych fan (not that you wouldn't have been able to guess that fact... :-) I think the fact that I'm registered on a fanfiction website and am actually writing stories for the fandom could have easily tipped you off on that one.)

Unfortunately, the only problem with being a Psych-o is the 80s referencing. While I grew up watching MacGuyver, Knight Rider and The Wonder Years, I'm not a child of the 80s. Therefore, a lot of references escape me when I watch the show. When I can, I'm going to rent out a bunch of 80s shows and movies and am going to watch the series for a third time so I can watch the series like I'm supposed to.

I have seen every episode more than once and I am proud of that somewhat geeky fact. Some episodes I've watched a few times. Eg. The Yang trilogy, Shawn takes a shot in the dark, Last night Gus, Lassie did a bad, bad thing, Disco wasn't killed, it was murdered and obviously the Pilot episode.

Some of my favourite scenes are: (I won't tell you where they are, if you're a fan you should be able to guess.)

* When Shawn its strapped to a bed in the mental hospital and they really think he's crazy.

* Shawn's Lenny impression when he has the door shut in his face. (Makes me glad that I've seen Of Mice and Men)

* The hats scene. I mean honestly, this one is integral to understanding Shawn as a character. There's a lot of interesting show dynamics surrounding this. One example of this would be Henry's relationship with his son.

* I also admit that Shawn jumping onto Lassie's car and shooting while injured was a big highlight for me. I love whump.

* Shawn learning from his Mother the true reason why she left. I love how Henry cutely waves at them afterwards.

* Shawn and Gus' final performance of 'Shout'.

And finally, even though there are many more scenes I enjoy...

* Shawn going boneless so Gus can't get him to leave his workplace. That was hilarious!

Anyway, that's all folks!

Whirlgirl signing out.

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Not a fan of the easy wrap- up to your favorite episode?  Okay, considering the medical paper trail Gus and Shawn have left in their wake- it isn't logical that they've gone this long without significant consequences.  Honestly- there should be more than a mild motorcycle mishap by now!

So, in light of this, I've created a series for episode ending rewrites!  Let's face it- these guys need to be smacked around a little more!

Will also contain general tags and missing scene stories.

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