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For all those who happen to jump onto my author page (and I know it's less and less likely as time goes on): I cannot shake the fact that I have an unfinished - barely started, even - story on here.  My interests shifted a bit, but I haven't forgotten and I do plan on keeping my promise.

In other news, I am working on original fiction at this point.  I'm only a couple of chapters into the first draft of a young adult novel, but it's eating pretty well into my extra time.  What does this mean?  In the long term: That someday, hopefully, I can announce to everyone that they should go check out the book in the stores.  But in the short term: it's still probably going to be awhile until I get back to Forget Me Not Blue.

As a parting shot, I have to thank every person that has ever left me a review (including those hard reviews I may not like - I read through some of my old author notes and I realized that I really do sound like an irritating swot).  I ride both the highs and lows of wanting to write for a living, and I've had many a long hour at the computer, staring at the screen and thinking how awful I am.  When I drive myself too far down, I'll pop onto the site, read some of the reviews, and remember why I love doing this.

Thank you!


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