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I know no one reads these so I'll be as brief as possible. I started out on Glee fanfiction but quickly got bored with the amount of unthought out fics (I also got bored with the show Glee itself, but that's niether here nor there) I found the Psych section of Having been recently introduced to the show by a friend it quickly drew me into the fandom more. I quickly started noticing writers on Fanfic mentioning Psychfic and decided to check it out. I've found out there's so much more talent here than on Fanfic and people are infinetly nicer (though that's not meant as an insult to

  Just in case you're actually interested in me I ship Shules, am a cheerleader, love dogs,have read all of Harry Potter,, planning to be a history teacher and have been watching Spongebob and Disney movies as long as I can remember.

In terms of other shows I watch I'm catching up on How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, watched a few episodes of Sherlock from bbc(trying to watch more but they're so dang long), Watch Big Bang Theory in syndacation, and I'm almost always up to date on happening on The Office, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. I also used to watch degrassi if that means anything to you. As I'm transitioning from I'll be bringing my better stories over from there and leaving the less desiarable ones there. Look for more coming from me!

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