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Hello to anyone who is interested (or bored) enough to click on my profile!

I'm a 26-year-old writer from Tennessee with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University. I teach English and Literature at a local private college, and in the past year, I've self-published my first book, "House of the Dead." It's an exploration of life, death, and the power of story through the enchanting lens of Irish mythology. It can be found on Amazon if anyone is interested, "House of the Dead" by Elizabeth Wilson.

I've been a fan of Psych for years. I discovered it shortly before season 6 aired, binge-watched the first five seasons, and then waited (im)patiently for each new episode to air. I am now the proud owner of the entire 8 seasons plus the musical, and I'm beyond excited for the movie this December!

I've been writing since I was five years old - short stories, poems, songs, chapter books, anything that ran through my mind. I started writing fan-fiction in 2006, and have since published over 130 fan-fictions in 36 different fandoms since. I now mostly write for Psych, Merlin, and Doctor Who.

Shawn whump is my favorite. I'm addicted. It's bad, but I'm not going to apologize or try to quell the addiction. I feed it constantly, and it's very fat and happy. I'm currently working on a very long list of fic recs, most of which are awesome whump. If anyone wants my list, I'll be glad to share it.

A little more about me... I'm a Christian. I love cats, and have a beautiful black-furred, green-eyed, 16-year-old kitty named Baby. I'm married to an amazing man who is a mathematician AND a writer, so he's always handy to have around. :) I love to read, write, watch my favorite shows and movies, and play video games.

Um... I also have a dream to someday write the greatest fanfiction ever in which Peter Quill (Starlord) from Guardians of the Galaxy and Shawn meet and talk 80s music like there's no tomorrow. I would say they'd be besties, but it would never work because (1) Gus would be jealous, and (b) Starlord has a raccoon for a friend, and Shawn wouldn't be able to handle that. What baring does this little plot bunny have on anything? Nothing. Glad you asked. :)

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Series by Emachinescat
Summary: An episodic AU series with a whumpy alternative for every Psych adventure. As Mary Poppins said, "Just a spoonful of whump makes the episode just great, in the most delightful way..." Or something to that effect. I've heard it both ways.
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Characters: Karen, Lassiter, Shawn
Genres: Humor, Hurt/Comfort
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