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I am one of many nicknames. Welcome to my little corner of the world! ^^ I love to read, I love to write, and I love to talk about the other things that I love! I'm friendly and I don't bite, so don't be scared to come and say hello! I also love to edit and analyze things, so if you need a Beta reader, I'm always super happy to give you a hand~

On that note, I also run the Veterans Day event in the community forum~ The event is all about celebrating and saying thank you to the older members/legends/Henry Spencers of Psychfic by making them gifts in the form of more fanfiction! If you think you'd like to join in, help out, or you just want to know more, you are one hundred and ten percent welcome to talk to me or just go visit the official thread. But you totally don't have to at all, that's cool too =D Either way, I hope to see you around & happy writing! Or reading! If you're just here for that! That's cool too! XD

*awkwardly stumbles offstage and trips*


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