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Heya, this is whirlgirl. I've finally decided to put something in this nifty little bio section that could give you some more information about me. Well, for one, I'm a huge Psych fan (not that you wouldn't have been able to guess that fact... :-) I think the fact that I'm registered on a fanfiction website and am actually writing stories for the fandom could have easily tipped you off on that one.)

Unfortunately, the only problem with being a Psych-o is the 80s referencing. While I grew up watching MacGuyver, Knight Rider and The Wonder Years, I'm not a child of the 80s. Therefore, a lot of references escape me when I watch the show. When I can, I'm going to rent out a bunch of 80s shows and movies and am going to watch the series for a third time so I can watch the series like I'm supposed to.

I have seen every episode more than once and I am proud of that somewhat geeky fact. Some episodes I've watched a few times. Eg. The Yang trilogy, Shawn takes a shot in the dark, Last night Gus, Lassie did a bad, bad thing, Disco wasn't killed, it was murdered and obviously the Pilot episode.

Some of my favourite scenes are: (I won't tell you where they are, if you're a fan you should be able to guess.)

* When Shawn its strapped to a bed in the mental hospital and they really think he's crazy.

* Shawn's Lenny impression when he has the door shut in his face. (Makes me glad that I've seen Of Mice and Men)

* The hats scene. I mean honestly, this one is integral to understanding Shawn as a character. There's a lot of interesting show dynamics surrounding this. One example of this would be Henry's relationship with his son.

* I also admit that Shawn jumping onto Lassie's car and shooting while injured was a big highlight for me. I love whump.

* Shawn learning from his Mother the true reason why she left. I love how Henry cutely waves at them afterwards.

* Shawn and Gus' final performance of 'Shout'.

And finally, even though there are many more scenes I enjoy...

* Shawn going boneless so Gus can't get him to leave his workplace. That was hilarious!

Anyway, that's all folks!

Whirlgirl signing out.

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Summary: Shawn knows he's going to have to apologise to Gus and Lassie later – well, maybe not Lassie. Lassie's letting his vendetta get inbetween him and the case at hand. Next time, if he has to steal someone's gun, he'll pilfer one off of McNab. That guy is way too nice for his own good.

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[Report This] Published: April 26, 2012 Updated: August 08, 2012
Summary: A series of one-shots that explore what really makes the Psych characters click. Join me as I delve into their past, into their relationships and even into their future. Why did Shawn think the divorce was Henry's fault? What happened in Mexico? Why did Juliet transfer from Miami? Things like that.

First up: How'd Shawn and Gus meet? In Murder...? Anyone...? Anyone...? Bueller...? Shawn mentioned that they met when they were five. This is my take on what might have happened.

All of these are adoptable should you wish to turn them into full fics.
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