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... Well,

I've been reading around Psychfic since around August. And I totally love it, it's one of my favorite places to visit. I've written a couple of Psych stories. Which I hate with a deep and fiery passion. But I think I could actually end up writing something half decent. I have written before, though, the stories have nothing to do with Psych. But I finished all Thirty-Five chapters of the fricken thing.

And I pretty much obsess over correct spelling and grammar. Though I tend to have incomplete sentences for dramatic effect, 'cuz that's kewl. And if there's any spelling errors just point 'em out and I'll be more than happy to change them. As long as you ask nicely.

Now, Psych is my absolute, hands down, no questions asked, my favorite TV Show, no my favorite anything. I'd rather watch an old rerun of Psych for my last hour awake than play Kingdom Hearts, and anyone that knows me, knows that's saying something. Of course I've played Kingdom Hearts five times, but I've seen every Season One episode of Psych at least fifteen times. And it just kills me than I've never seen Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds, so don't mention anything from that episode, please?

Monk is next on my list of favorite TV shows. I've never seen any Season thre four or five episodes though. And I absolutely love the Monk Books, I've read all of them. And if anyone says anything bad about Natalie I will... do nothing. My mom and cousin are always saying how Sharona was better and Natalie's too pushy and timid. They're also saying how Monk's better than Psych.

They have many spork inflicted scars.

Another of my favorite shows is Law & Order, mostly SVU, and a little bit of CI. I totally love that show. When I grow up, I want to have that job.

Now I sound like a Kindergardner

Anyways, if you've read the first couple chapters of my story I am so horribly sorry that I haven't updated in three weeks from forever. My computer totally crashed and I lost everything until pretty recently. So I'm sorry if you really liked it, but it most likely will never be finished.

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In response to Colonel Mustard 8's Island challenge.

Shawn gets another chance to play bounty hunter when he starts tracking down a serial killer with the help of Juliet O'Hara. After a few minor problems, their two hours to solve the case becomes more like two days. Without any other human life forms in reach, they're stranded.

Disregarding the bloodthirsty serial killer.

Like he counts.

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[Report This] Published: February 10, 2008 Updated: February 11, 2008