Pre-season [448]

Stories that take place before the time of Season One.

Season [2562]

Stories that take place during the Psych season(s).

Post-season [873]

Psych stories set after the end of the series. Future fics.


Alternate Universe [578]

Stories that take a different slant to that of the show, putting the characters into a different setting.

Crossover [172]

Stories that merge the Psych fandom with another. Psych MUST be a major player in these stories to be archived on

Short [924]

Short one shot stories that don't fit in other categories, drabbles of 100 words, songfics, or Poems.

Virtual Season [20]

Very episode-like stories that take place during the show's hiatus. Beginning with Season Two, these virtual episodes are written in collaboration amongst eleven Psychfic authors. They consist of four chapters each that will be posted over the course of two weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Writer's Commentary [14]

Welcome to the Extra Features of your reading experience here on Psychfic! Like a DVD has a commentary about the TV show or movie, Psychfic is giving the authors the option to create commentaries for their stories. To learn more, visit the Writer's Commentary forum HERE and also discuss the Commentaries!!


Transcripts [7] The shows typed out in script form for your reading pleasure, and for a quick reference tool when writing fanfics.
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