Site Hosting Provider Change

Psychfic has moved to a new hosting provider. Renewal was coming up in April for my then host and I needed to find a less expensive provider that also supports older PHP, which the archive script that makes Psychfic, needs to run properly. 

The move is complete and the site should be up and running properly for everyone. If anyone encounters an issue, please reply to this News post and I'll work to resolve it.

This move is allowing Psychfic to remain online for visitors, even as participation from authors and visitors has dwindled after Psych stopped airing new episodes. The site will remain for as long as I can manage and afford it. Too much work from many people was put into this place to let it fade away. 

--JessicaRae on March 11, 2022 11:58 am 4 Comments
JessicaRae, your work is still greatly appreciated. I just now joined, having lurked and read fic here for a while now. Looks like the new hosting platform let me finally break through after problems registering, so thank you! How can we get folks writing new fanfic? The "Psych" universe is giving us fresh, new content thanks to the movies so there's no reason not to have new fanfic too! Thanks again.
- MBell29 on March 31, 2022 12:20 pm
Thank you and great to have you as a member! Good to hear the new hosting provider fixed the issue you were having. I think I had more than one issue with my old provider that affected the site that this new provider fixed.

As far as getting people involved again, it would be nice if people utilized our Community Forum again. It, too, has been pretty dead to activity since the show ended. I suggest getting in contact with @Drag_TJR on Twitter(She is dragonnan here on Psychfic). She has been maintaining connections with Psych fans and I believe there is a Discord set up.

I'd like to help get people involved again as well, but unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow for it anymore. I just want to make sure this place stays around for people to enjoy, maybe to even get a little nostalgic.
- JessicaRae on March 31, 2022 5:28 pm
Thank you for continuing to support this site! It is such an important place to me and sadly nostalgic now too. Time is passing too quickly.

We do have a Discord set up!
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