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Summary: Two students at a school for the gifted suspect a teacher of murder, leading Shawn and Gus to go undercover as lecturers on psychic phenomena in order to discover the truth. Coincidentally, both O'Hara—acting as the primary detective for the first time—and Lassiter are looking into the case as well. For Gus the case is somewhat personal, as he intends to find out why he didn't get into the school.

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Published: December 16, 2008 Updated: December 16, 2008
Story Notes:

DISCLAIMER: This is an episode transcript.  The contents are the property of their respective owners.  I own absolutely none of it, I simply copied it down.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Other notes:

The chapters correspond to the commercial breaks.

Brackets [ ] denote mid-line notations (ex. "Shawn walks over to Hornstock," etc.) but that were not exactly long enough to separate them completely from the dialogue.  Asterisks * denote references used in the episode; the references are explained in the "Chapter Notes" at the end.

Last note: If there are any errors in this transcript (there shouldn't be, because if I didn't completely catch a line, I put on closed captioning on the DVD), let me know and I'll fix it.  Any comments/reviews or feedback is appreciated.  And please enjoy!

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