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Story Notes:

Answers to the weekly challenges (when I respond, anyway).

Psych and its characters are property of their creators/owners. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

First try at this 100 words thing. Let's see how I do ...

And, no, I don't own Shawn or Gus.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment. The eyes that looked back into his were full of hurt.

“Gus … I’m sorry. I-I-I didn’t mean that.”

“You know, we’ve fought before, but I never thought you’d say something like that.

“It just came out. I’m sorry, okay?”

“No; it’s not okay. And I don’t think a simple ‘sorry’ is going to be good enough. I need some time.” With that, Gus was out the door, his blue car roaring away into the night.

Shawn sighed and rubbed his forehead. Why couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut for once?

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