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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own Psych.

Prompt: Breaking down

Forward…and back.

Forward…and back.

He’d been wrong.  Wrong.

He continued to rock forward…and back, her beautiful face filling his mind. 

He’d been wrong and she was gone.  Gone.

Forward…and back.

He’d been the one to come up with a lead, the one to send the officers to that warehouse. 

His fault.

“You just can’t handle the fact that you got caught, Jenkins!” Shawn gloated, eyes sparkling as he looked at Juliet and smiled in triumph.  She grinned back before her beautiful blue eyes widened in shock as she saw something Shawn had missed.  She darted forward, covering Shawn’s body with her own as the shot rang out, a small grunt of pain and harsh breathing the only hint that something had gone wrong.

Sometimes a bulletproof vest just wasn’t enough.

Forward…and back.

A tear was still falling down her face when she breathed her last.  He reached out a trembling hand to touch it, shuddering as he watched it sparkle on the tip of his finger.  “Jules?” 

There’d been no answer.  There would never be one again.

She was gone…and so was he.

Forward…and back.

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