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Author's Chapter Notes:
Drabble Prompt: Gus' Big News

I'm glad these are back!


“Hold on, buddy. Ooooonnnne moment…” Shawn poked his tongue out in concentration, “busy” finishing his Lego city.

Gus glanced out the window nervously. “Shawn, Lass—”

“Waaaaiiit… There!” His smile disappeared at Gus’ glower. “Yeah?”

“I need to tell you something!”

“I’m all ears…which is…misleading. You can’t be all ears.”



“Clients!” Shawn bounced up to greet them, leaving Gus gnashing his teeth.

“A pineapple smoothie if it’s the jealous mistress!” Shawn exclaimed, swiveling his chair toward Gus after the clients left, eyebrows lifting at Gus’ clear frustration. “Go on. I’m…two ears.”

Gus opened his mouth…and the phone rang. He tsk’d when Shawn answered it.

“Lassie…what…?” His eyes stretched wide and he hissed to Gus, “You didn’t tell me Lassie knows I put that squirrel in his garage!”

Gus groaned, banging his head against his desk.

“You’re where?!” Shawn squeaked, flinching when something tapped against the window—that something a livid Lassiter and his trusty gun. “Gus, help!” He yelled, running from the room.

Gus leaned back in his chair and smirked. “I’m just going to enjoy the show, buddy.”

Chapter End Notes:
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