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Author's Chapter Notes:


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Never thought I’d write a ‘5 things’ fic.  But if you read my author’s notes, you will quickly notice that many things about my writing surprise me.  I don’t know why that is – but I kind of like it.

At first I just wanted to write my version of the ‘Jules learns Shawn’s not psychic’ thing because I was never satisfied with it in the show. 
Then I realized there were a few other things I wanted to address – 4 more things to be exact. 
Then I needed a reason why everyone would be having these odd, somewhat out of character conversations so I put them all at Shawn’s ‘death bed.’ (‘Cause who has normal conversations at a death bed??) 
Then I needed a reason for Shawn to be in that death bed…
And then I needed to pull it all together, make sure Shawn survives – without it be too cliché, and finally - tie it all up neatly with a pretty bow. 

That’s how the story got so long…

This is 5 things Juliet learned about Shawn

It needs a little set-up.

Here’s the situation as we join our friends:

Our fabulous crime fighting team just took down some really bad guys.  The case did not go well, and in the end it looked like the bad guys were going to win.  The only reason they didn’t is because Shawn did something completely desperate and heroic.  He took down the bad guys and saved the lives of his friends – at great cost to himself:  He got shot in the head and is now in a coma, on life support, and no one knows if he’ll wake up or not.  (btw - this is not a death fic)

As expected, his friends and loved ones spend those days keeping watch over him – trying to keep hope alive.  These are five of the conversations that take place at his bedside. 

Each of the first five chapters contains part of the story of what put him in the coma and one of the conversations.

Juliet, Lassiter, Gus, Henry, Maddie, and even Chief Vick are all present at different times on different days.  Obviously whoever is speaking is present, but feel free to put anyone else in the room that you would like, because I’m not going to spend a lot of time on setting the scene.  This is about thoughts and feelings.

This is set somewhere in season 6 – established Shules.

I hope you like it. (It’s is not a death-fic)

Oh – and this is not a death-fic.

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