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Story Notes:
OK I decided I had to write this after seeing the finale of "White Collar". Based on my 2 previous crossovers, how would Shawn react to the news? I started it then took a bit of a break and now I'm trying to plot things out. I normally don't post until a story is done or near done so I can't promise quick posting on this. I just wanted to get some reaction for the first bit to see if I should continue.
Author's Chapter Notes:
All right, this is it for now. I do promise to continue, I just don't know when.
Shawn Spencer, P.I., strode into the police station like he owned the place, greeting everyone by name. It hadn’t taken long, especially when word got out that he and the radiant Detective Juliet O’Hara were engaged. The Chief had refused to give him any cases until he and Gus got licensed by the state. Juliet nagged him to do it as well because she refused to deal with keeping his secret of being a fake psychic. The “course” was a joke. He read the manual and took the exam within 24 hours. It had been loads easier than the detective’s exam he took at 15. Oh, and showing off the ID was so cool.

Shawn joined Gus at Juliet’s desk where he was pulling a bag of Funyuns from the bottom drawer. She had learned to keep a supply of snacks on hand. He wondered how often she restocked it. He’d have to ask.

With the snack between them on Juliet’s desk, Shawn and Gus each pulled out their phones to pass the time. Shawn peered over at Gus to see him scanning through the online version of the Chronicle, looking for a possible case. He would never really tell him, but Shawn did appreciate the fact that Gus was so business and detail oriented. It was mainly due to him holding the bank book that had kept Psych afloat.

Shawn looked back as his phone beeped at him. Damn it! I let Gus distract me from a new high score!

His phone rang and he checked the caller ID. He answered. “Hey, Peter! How’s El doing? How’s New York? I’ve been thinking about visiting again, maybe take in another museum with Neal.”


Shawn did not like the tone of his friend’s voice. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“It’s Neal. He’s dead.”

This can’t be true. It’s part of a con. It has to be.

He barely heard Peter as he explained what happened, something about being double-crossed and shot. Shawn gulped for air as he bent forward in his chair. Suddenly, Juliet was there but she looked blurry. When did she get blurry?

“Shawn, let me take you home.” She took both his hands in hers and helped him stand. Both hands? Where was the phone? All other thoughts went away as Juliet gently cupped his face and kissed him. That broke down the last of his defenses and the tears poured down his cheeks. Jules then hugged him and let him cry, offering no platitudes.

Juliet drove him home and he stared out the window, seeing nothing. Once at their apartment, she gave him a drink. His last coherent memory was curling up next to her on the bed.
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