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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ok, so this week's prompt is "A Tale of Two Kitties"

I hope you enjoy it!

Shawn pulled his bike up to the McNab household and retrieved the Tupperware from his saddle bag. Francine had asked for it back after the last time she had invited everyone over for dinner and he had taken some leftovers.

"Shawn! Come on in! Would you like something to drink?" Francine said, grabbing the container from Shawn's outstretched arms.

"No thanks. I wasn't planning on staying very long, I have a case to get back to."

"Oh, that's a shame."


Shawn said goodbye and was on his way out when he felt something around his legs.

"What the...?"

Shawn looked down to find two cats with their tales wrapped around him.

He bent down to pet the felines.

"Well hello there little boy cat! Who's your friend here?"

"We've named her Penny right now but we're not sure if she's staying. Rocko just brought her home one day a few weeks ago and they've been inseparable since then. Makes me glad that he was fixed before we got him because then we would have a problem." explained Francine.

Rocko looked up at Shawn and mewed.

"Well, the old boy finally got himself a girl! That's my boy!" Shawn smiled.
Chapter End Notes:
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