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Summary: A collection of responses to the Bi-Weekly Challenge on the Community Forum

And, as of April 2020, also responses to the new Weekly Challenge on the PF Discord.

This week: "The Sound of Silence"

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Published: November 18, 2015 Updated: April 27, 2020

1. A Tale of Two Kitties by insert56 [Reviews - 4] (200 words)
Ok, so this week's prompt is "A Tale of Two Kitties"

I hope you enjoy it!

2. The Black and the Blue by insert56 [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)

3. Hiding Space by insert56 [Reviews - 4] (200 words)

4. Swish, Buzz, Pop by insert56 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)

5. Today's News by insert56 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)
I swear when I sat down to write this it was going in a completely different direction.

6. Under the Influence by insert56 [Reviews - 5] (200 words)

7. Inspire Me by insert56 [Reviews - 5] (200 words)
So, this turned into an episode tag for "Mr. Yin Presents...".

8. All That Glitters by insert56 [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)

9. Brick Wall by insert56 [Reviews - 4] (200 words)

10. Origin Story & It's a Sign by insert56 [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)
I really liked these prompts together! I've never written one with more than one prompt before so this is interesting. Hope you enjoy mine!

11. Boredom by insert56 [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)

12. Handle With Care by insert56 [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)

13. Surprised by insert56 [Reviews - 4] (200 words)

14. Isolation by insert56 [Reviews - 2] (200 words)
*Sings*: Guess who's back with a brand new prompt getting everybody in the archive going mad!!!

Haha, but seriously!

It's a quarantine time prompt challenge special!

We have a brand new Weekly Challenge going on in the PF Discord!

Check out the PF Twitter or PM for more details!

Prompt: Isolation

15. Lockdown by insert56 [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (200 words)

16. The Sound of SIlence by insert56 [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (200 words)
A tad late on this one lol.