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Story Notes:
Standard disclaimers apply. Also, I probably won’t have any of this betaed, so all mistakes can be blamed on my spell check program. (That is a valid excuse, right?)
Author's Chapter Notes:
Categories: Season
Genres: Fluff, Humor, H/C if you squint
Warnings: None
“I’m Shawn Spenstar, and this is my partner, Gus ‘T.T’ Showbiz… Gee Buttersnaps… Silly Pants Jackson… Donut Holstein… Hummingbird Saltalamacchia…”

Shawn’s whole “and this is my partner” routine had long since become a habit to both friends. And although Gus often acted annoyed and indignantly corrected him, he had to admit that he’d become used to it. He’d never admit it to Shawn, but it was a comforting constant in his universe; the handful of times when Shawn blanked, Gus would find himself missing the ridiculous introduction.

And so, out of everything that could be going through Gus’s mind right then, that was the thing on which he found himself stuck.

“Sir?” the paramedic prompted again, yanking Gus out of his reverie.

Gus blinked and looked up. “Hm?”

“Sir, are you okay?” the uniformed brunette adjusted the blanket draped around Gus’s shoulders. “What’s your name?” She had his wallet in her hand, Gus noticed belatedly. Shouldn’t she know? Then, even more belatedly, he realized why she was asking him the question.

“Right. Um, Gus… I mean, uh, Burton. Guster,” he added as an afterthought.

“I tried telling them your name was Perry W. Inkle.” The sound of Shawn’s hoarse voice made Gus jump.

Gus looked to his right to see Shawn sitting on the edge of the ambulance next to him. A square of gauze was taped to the side of Shawn’s forehead, but he seemed okay overall.

“But they wouldn’t believe me, and you weren’t paying attention to back me up,” Shawn continued to complain. He made a face and shrugged. “Sorry, bud.”

“Shawn,” Gus frowned, “she knows that’s not my real name; she has my ID right there.”

“Oh.” Shawn shrugged. “Well, I’ve heard it both ways.”

The paramedic just chuckled and handed Gus his wallet back. “I think you two are going to be just fine,” she said, shaking her head with a grin.

“Of course we are,” Shawn nodded seriously. Then he smirked at Gus. “Does this mean we can have that A-Team marathon this afternoon after all? We do need to rest, right?” he prompted. “And Jules and Lassie just arrested the bad guy, so our case is closed.”

Gus smiled and nodded. “You know that’s right,” he agreed, returning Shawn’s fistbump.

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