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Summary: Henry sighed and looked at his broken-down truck, then to the miles-long stretch of empty road. And then… he looked to the bike. Henry let out another sigh, and with heavy reluctance, muttered, "You said you have two helmets?" - Henry is forced to drive Shawn's motorcycle, and learns a few things from his son for a change. Oneshot
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Published: September 12, 2022 Updated: September 12, 2022

1. Chapter 1 by cosette141 [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (2770 words)
Here's a new oneshot! All of a sudden I wondered what it would be like if Henry was forced to drive Shawn's motorcycle. So, this takes place in season 1, or right after Shawn gets his bike back from Lassiter (I think that was season 1 at least).

Hope you guys like it and I might see you soon, who knows what my muse will be up to, haha. Have a happy holidays to those who celebrate and I'll most likely see you in the New Year. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor even remotely know how to ride a motorcycle. I googled it. Apologies if it is blatantly clear that I do not ride a motorcycle. lol