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Shooting for Curt’s previous holiday music video was actually more fun than Carlton expected. Spencer and O’Hara decked out in 80’s themed outfits and Guster’s hair blonde. When his hands met the ice-cold pretend snowball, he grinned as Guster shook his head. He could practically see the truth terror in the man’s face, eyes widening all while shaking his head. Henry smirked, throwing forward his arm and hurled a snowball at his son, Shawn. Carlton couldn’t fight the amusement as soon as the balled-up snow struck Guster’s face, sending him face-planting into the fluffy white sheet.

“Cut!” Curt yelled,” That’s a wrap!” Since he directed, wrote and edited everything himself.

Gus’ hands ran down his pants, swiping the snow off and taking a blanket that one of Curt’s assistance handed out. “Nice, I’m freezing.”

Carlton smirked.” Oh, come on, Guster. It’s not even real snow. You don’t even know what real snow is.”

Guster rolled his eyes,” Actually I do. Back when Shawn and I were in Canada, I fell while skiing.”

“Oh, Gus, don’t be a snowball hater, Lassie can’t even throw that--“ Spencer said before he chucked one at him. “OW! Lassie, I thought we were compadre?!”

Carton actually bursted into laughter.” Oh, good one, Spencer.” He held a hand on his chest,” you really had me going.”

Juliet, Selene came around holding the new baby, bundled in a cozy winter coat. “Someone wanted to say hi.” Juliet cooed, holding her nephew, god son.

Lassiter immediately wiped off his freezing hands and smiled happily at the kiddo in his former partner’s arms. “Aren’t you, a handsome fellow.” Selene and Juliet shared a curt smile, adoring the moment between Carlton and the Guster baby. He looked behind him to see everybody staring.” What are you looking at, just ‘cause I had kids doesn’t make me soft, now.”

Selene went up to her husband, kissing his forehead. “How long do you think Carlton has been wanting to do that?”

“Five years.”

Shawn blurted out.” 11.”

“That makes no sense, we didn’t even know him 11 years ago.”

Lassiter piped in.” Actually, I have been wanting to throw something at Guster since 06.”

Gus hollers.” Hey! I don’t annoy you as much as Shawn does.”

“Guster, true, but by the factor of being friends with Spencer, you still annoy me anyhow.”

Guster shrugged.” I guess that’s fair!”

Shawn pouted his lips,” Gus!”

“He’s not wrong, Shawn. You tend to annoy anybody that can remotely tolerate you.”

“I could go for some pineapple hot chocolate!”

Lassiter picked up another snowball, chucking it hard, watching as Shawn fell and Guster’s baby said his first word.” Lassie.”

“No, no. You can’t call me, Lassie!” He glared at Shawn.

Shawn was brushing off himself when he heard the nickname slip through his god-son’s tongue. “Come on son!” Raising his hand to the little child. Gus groaned, stop corrupting my son, Shawn.”

His best friend protested.” I’m his god-father, I’m allowed by law!”

“Whoa, hold up, you actually are letting Spencer take care of your child if anything happens.”

Gus merely shrugged, blushing. “Well, Juliet is the god-mother.”

“Phew, I thought little Guster was doomed.”

“Hey, I’m not that bad!”

Juliet softly chuckled.” Shawn, honey, you asked me to buy the Dino nuggets at the store last week.”

“Jules! Regular shaped chicken nuggets are just wrong!”


A few months later, the group joined in the comfort of Guster’s living room, littered by little kid toys; balls and blocks, etc. Curt Smith smiled as he greeted the group of friends; or colleagues as Lassiter referred to them as. Lincoln Lee Guster sat up in the play pen, cooing, squealing each time Shawn tickled the itty bitty’s tummy.

“Spencer! I know the kid is adorable, but can we just watch this already.”

Shawn scooped Lincoln up in his arms, sitting down next to his wife and let him rest on his lap as Curt started the music video. As they watched themselves. Karen looked very great, along with Henry.

“I can’t believe you kissed the snowball, Lassie!”

Gus snorted.” It looks like Selene, Jules and you wanted me to have a threesome or foursome.”

Henry stated.” I think I actually started choking.” As his part where the character starts choking plays.

“Dad, why didn’t you say anything?!” Shawn whined, frustrated.

“I could handle myself, Shawn.”

Towards the end of the video. Shawn perked up when he saw Jules and laughed at Guster’s bad parking job. “Shawn, I’m not actually bad at parking, it’s called acting.”

The scene came where Gus fell into the snow.” Lassie, you have great aim. I thought I was going to pass out from the shot.”

Lassiter slightly frowned.” Oh. I didn’t actually mean to make you almost pass out.”

Shawn announced.” But you did give me a splitting headache.”

Carlton laughed, unable to stop.” It’s not my fault you can’t handle it.”

Juliet elbows him.” Carlton.” She scolded, glaring. “It’s not funny to laugh at someone who is in pain.” He nodded, sighing in defeat. “I’m sorry…”

“What was that, Lassie?” Grinning as Lassie mumbled underneath his breath.

Rolling his eyes, wishing he had another snowball”Unfortunately there was no snow in San Francisco besides beloved snow cones. “I’m sorry, Spencer for causing your headache, there is that better.” He groached.

Shawn smiled in satisfaction. “Yes, it is . Thanks for asking Lassie.”

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