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Shawn shook his head at Gus as they began to cross the road, “It just doesn’t make any sense, Gus. He can’t be the murderer- there’s got to be more to this case. I’m telling you, it doesn’t feel right.
“All of the evidence points to him, Shawn. You can’t tell them not to arrest him just because it doesn’t feel right.”
“I know, but- ”
Shawn was interrupted mid-sentence as Gus shouted, “Shawn! Watch out!”
Shawn’s head turned immediately to see a car speeding right for him. His quick eyes noticed that the driver was clearly in control, meaning that whoever it was was definitely aiming for him. He tried to jump out of the way, but was far too slow. The car slammed into him, causing him to be thrown across the road, landing head first before his body slid across the asphalt, which completely tore up his skin.
He grimaced in pain and his eyes began to water. His head spun and skin burned, and his vision was only just clear enough to watch the car hastily drive off, the tires making a screeching sound as it left.
This was then followed by the screams of Gus calling his name, but the only response Shawn could give was a groan as he continued to lie helpless on the road. The last thing he saw was his best friend rushing towards him as his consciousness drifted away
Chapter End Notes:
I’m sorry this wasn’t the greatest, but my imagination kind of just threw up here in the form of words. But I promise it will get better and hopefully I’ll get the next chapter up here soon. :)

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